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3D Shockwave

Shockingly great for Cellulite and Skin Tightening

3D Shockwave in Leeds – Cellulite Treatment

Shockwave works by stimulating the fat breakdown, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage. Shockwave is delivered by placing a probe up against the areas of cellulite, as it passes over the area it emits Radial Waves through the skin.

For skin tightening, sound waves stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation within the area, giving the skin a firmer tone and reducing the dimples within the skin.

Introducing 3D Shockwave therapy directly after a 3D Lipo Freeze treatment will greatly enhance the fat removal process.

  • Procedure Time: 10 – 30 minutes per application
  • Back to Work: Immediate
  • Anaesthetic: None
  • Full Recovery: Immediate
  • Sensitivity Period: Up to 10 Days
  • Duration of Results: Long Term
  • Risks & Complications: Possible bruising and tenderness.

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